Hi everybody! I just wanted to share some very useful knowledge based on scientific proof. As you may know, all humans can be classified as one of three different body type categories, males as well as females. The 3 Body types are: Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. We are also exhibit different blood types.
Did you know that just by eating according to your blood type in the right amounts, combined with exercise, you could be losing at least 15 to 20 more pounds, as well as building lean muscle mass on your body?
Amazing how one little change can equal such a big weight loss or pack lean muscle mass in record time. Of course, it all depends what your individual goal is, but the answer is that it works no matter what you are trying to accomplish, losing weight, getting a harder and tighter looking physique, packing lean muscle mass, vitality , feeling more energized and why not achieving the body you’ve always wanted.
I am currently working with some of my clients on two basic approaches (1) eating according to your blood type; (2) nutrition timing, another vital variable that is not given the importance it deserves.
As for today’s blog I will only address eating and exercising according to your blood types.
Today's article will focus on Type O blood. Next week, we will address Type A, and so forth.
Some types of blood show a difference in the intestinal bacteria located inside your stomach lining up to 40,000 times more than other blood types. With this said, for example, Type O can digest and absorb, better than all the other blood type groups such things as red meat, which is an important source of protein and creatine. Let’s not forget that we started as just meat eaters millions of years ago; no carbohydrates were in our daily diet at that time.
You can easily lose 8 to 10 pounds on the first 10 days!
Type O, should approach a diet consisting of 70% protein 15% good fats and 15% complex carbohydrates. Calories coming in those proportions will guide you in the right direction. Not only will you be eating smarter, you will be closer to seeing the results you have never seen before.
Suggested types of food include lean turkey (low sodium if possible on all recommendations), lean cuts of red meat, chicken, fish, whey protein, and egg whites.
Carbohydrates that should be minimized or almost not consumed at all include breads and other foods that are made of simple carbohydrates and simple sugars.
Stick to green veggies as much as possible and reduce portions of fruits and berries as much as possible for optimum results.
Always stay hydrated, get enough sleep (7 hours for females and 8 hours for males), and don't forget that when you exercise heavily you lose a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, so get yourself a very good supplement oriented for sports.
Hope you find this useful, next week I will addressing Blood Type A

Disclaimer: Results may vary according to different individuals.