Eduardo Yibrin


Eduardo Yibrin is a bilingual (English/Spanish) ISSA Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Nutrition professional with international experience, currently working in the greater Metairie area. He has 20 years of experience in personal training and fitness, including training clients with osteoporosis, knee replacements, and other rehab conditions.

Passionate about the sport of fitness and nutrition, he recently won 1st place at the 2010 International Body Figure Competition, 180 lb. category.

Not only is he a professional Personal Trainer, but Eduardo takes pride in the success of his clients. He guides them through every aspect of their body transformation and offers assistance above and beyond that of many trainers. Every session is exclusively supervised one-on-one and Eduardo monitors each client's nutrition, supplements, diet, rest and off-training day workout routines.

He makes himself available 24/7 to his clients for any advice, questions or concerns. Whether its a daily workout question, or a healthy menu choice, Eduardo is a personal guide for all of his clients. He measures his success by the results and satisfaction of his clients.

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