Personal Training Services


  • Preparation for future body figure competitors.

  • Fat-loss Specialsts

  • Personal evaluations according to each client's individual goals.

  • Evaluate each client's weaknesses, motivation, goals and skills.

  • Ongoing assessment of client's daily integrated training methods, supplements and nutritional strategies.

  • Provide advice while continously implementing/alternating different training techniques to maximize results.

  • SPECIAL!! Discounted rates for couples or groups of 2 or more that train together.

  • If you play golf, tennis, soccer, or other sports and want to improve your strength, power, speed, balance and endurance, I can tailor a fitness program and advise a nutritional regimen. See results as soon as 4 weeks and impress friends and family.

  • Youth fitness training is offered for athletic children, or those simply in need of increased confidence or ability.

  • Want to improve your annual physical results? Join me 4 times per week.

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